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MAGNETIC home fitness smartbike

For effective cardio exercises at home.

Boost your cardio fitness and burn those extra calories & body fat, while strengthening your heart, lungs, and muscles...all in the comfort of your home!

Available in 2 models

The C6792D is the bigger and more powerful smartbike with up to 120 kgs support, while the C1660 is the smaller but still effective smartbike with up to 100 kgs support.

C6792D Smartbike: Ksh 44,500

Your Offer: Ksh 32,950

C1660 Smartbike: Ksh 34,500

Your Offer: Ksh 24,950

Hi-tech magnetic brake system for an ultra-smooth and silent workout every time

Track your progress from calories burned, speed, time, distance and even heart rate

Adjust the magnetic resistance, seat and handlebars to your comfort

Self-leveling pedals with velcro straps to secure your feet as you workout

 Comfortable ergonomic seat made with thick high-density memory foam

Take your pick of the smartbikes and enjoy cardio exercises at home

What Our Customers Say

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PLUS: Quality Assurance & Money Back Guarantee

If your smartbike does not meet the aforementioned specifications or has any faults on delivery, kindly get in touch with us for a replacement or refund. No questions asked, no forms to fill!

Fast Delivery Countrywide

We offer same-day delivery within Nairobi, Kiambu & Kajiado | Next-day delivery (within 24hrs of ordering) to all the other 44 counties.

For cardio exercises at home


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